20 February – Mayor Robert Blythe  (Venue:  First Baptist Church, Collins & Francis Street)

                        Topic:  Black History Month – “African-American Churches/Pastors”

19 March – Stuart Joynt

                        Topic:  Estill Monument Repairs

16 April – Harry Rice

                        Topic:  Madison County Native Red Foley

21 May – Mack Cox

                        Topic:  Early Kentucky Antiques

18 June – 5th Annual MCHS Recognition Program.  Presentations to distinguished Madison County

            Historians and preservation organizations.

                        Short talk:  TBA

                        Topic:  TBA

4 August – Annual Meeting/Picnic    Saturday at 6:00pm at Mt. Zion Church

                        Rachel Lee Rogers in a Chautauqua Presentation

                        Topic:  Jean Richie

17 September Donna Dodd Jones

                        Topic:  Local Women’s Suffrage Movement

Late September – 5th Annual Cemetery Tour -- Details TBA

15 October – Hugh A. Moran IV

                        Topic:  His Ancestral Breck and Clay Families


Regular meeting date is normally the 3rd Thursday of the month with meetings in the Community Room (Lower Level)  of the Madison County Library at corner of West Main and 5th Street.

Regular meeting time is 6:30 pm.  Announcements will be made via Facebook, E-Mail and Community Calendar in the Richmond Register